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"If speed is your addiction & everything is under control then you are going too slowly."

         This is the segment of the pragyaa that is synonymous with anger, speed and ambition to win. If the sound of the engine is your daily music, and robotics your religion, we invite you to show your extent of passion. Let these mind blowing machines hit the track and fight out in the most diverse conditions, manoeuvring their way through several obstacles while the clock ticks away. Remember that between the winner and the loser. It's just a matter of a Split Second!

Problem statement

          To build a wirelessly controlled or wired controlled robot that has to traverse a path full of traps & obstacles.


  1. There will be 3 rounds in the event & all the rules are common for each round.
  2. The robot has to be developed & designed by team itself. The usage of readily available chassis will not be allowed in competition.
  3. No Restriction For Height.
  4. Maximum 4 members per team are allowed.
  5. Maximum two members of the team can enter the arena to control the robot wirelessly or wired.
  6. The robot will lose a life if the robot          a) gets stuck in the arena.          b) fall down the arena.
  7. Maximum of 3 retries would be allowed.
  8. A retry can only be made from the last checkpoint.
  9. Robots must not damage the tournament area.
  10. Modifications are not allowed in between the race rounds.
  11. In case of technical failure (power supply misalignment of track circuit etc.)
      the race will be halted temporarily and will resume soon.
  12. In case of any controversy, judges and organizers reserves all rights to take decision.
  13. Modifications or abolition of the rules can be made by the event organizers.
  14. Notifications of any additions/corrections in the rules would be made on the website and would be notified to the registered teams.


  1. The robot should be wirelessly or wired controlled,
  2. Dimension of the robot should comply with following:
    Length: 25 cm [max.], Width: 25 cm [max.], wire length: 250 cm [max.], Weight: 5kg [max],
    Height: No Restriction.
  3. Mechanism is must for eligibility but pneumatic, hydraulic mechanism is not allowed.
  4. We will provide you DC power supply of maximum 30V voltage and 2Amp maximum current.
  5. The voltage difference between any two points of the robot should not exceed 18V
  6. Ready-made Lego Kits, toy car bases, ready-made development boards are not allowed.

Main Coordinator:

Prajakt Katre
+91 8149209747

Joint Coordinator:

Shubham Patre
+91 8446420190

Sub Coordiantor:

Mona Joshi
+91 8149091100


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