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         Guys, its time to have technical fight at the cost of our TECHOLUCK. Are you ready to place your luck and technical abilities to emerge out as a 'KHALIFA'

Ok then,

Here’s the platform..... THE BATTLEFIELD for that.

PRAGYAA 2014 presents PICK N PLACE where you have to pick your destiny and place at your destination.

         PRAGYAA 2014 has emerged with its theme T-ECO-SPIRE which signifies inspiring technology for the betterment of ecology.

         According to this theme you have new challenge to emerge as the NATURE’S KHALIFA by removing non natural object out of the GREEN WORLD.

The battle is divided into TWO LEVELs:-

         LEVEL 1 is a Qualifying round which tests whether your khalifa can make his way by the pick n place way or not.......

         LEVEL 2 is the real battle ground where you have to tackle the given obstacles to make non natural things to reach its tragedy of being thrown out of the GREEN WORLD.And use this non natural things for some purpose and become the nature's 'KHALIFA'.


Qualifying round: LEVEL 1

  • A team may consist of maximum 2 to 5 members.
  • In qualifying round, team have to pick the GARBAGE (red ball-R) from zone A and put them in required destination (D1) on zone B and bring back useful material (green ball G1 G2) from B zone to A zone (D2).
  • There will be 2 regions A & B which will be separated by a bridge.
  • On the basis of points & time taken to complete the task , teams will be selected for next round.
  • Incase robot falls down from bridge, team will lose points.
  • Minute changes in rules may occur at the time of event as per our convenience.

Main Round: LEVEL 2

  • The main arena is divided in to 4 regions layer 0, layer 1 and layer 2, layer3.
  • The robot will start from layer 0 where it will be put on a red square.
  • Robot will have to pick only one red ball at a time and By clearing the obstacle robot has to place that to the destination ( D1) on layer 4 while returning pick green ball from layer 3 and place it to the destination (D2 and D3) on layer 2.
  • Build a bridge (D1) on layer 4 with red balls and then pick your khalifa (B-brown leather ball) from layer 3 and place it to the final destination (D4) without touching the restricted area (without damaging the natural things) then your task will be finished.
  • Time for main round will be 20 minutes.
  • Balls will be regular lawn tennis balls.
  • Other rules will be declare at the time of game.
  • Artificial Lego kits are not allowed
  • All rights are preserved to pick n place Coordinators.
  • Minute changes in rules and minor change track may occur at the time of event as per our convenience.

Main Coordinator:

Shubham Maniyar
+91 9404154546

Joint Coordinator:

Ashish Jadhav
+91 8149724139

Sub Coordinator:

Shrikant Patki
+91 9405915967

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