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            Panoramic Pragyaa is an event of capturing images on a wider format, so as to include much more than what eyes can see naturally from a point. To capture a panoramic image, one needs a wider aspect ratio so that there is a view which is unobstructed of a vaster area.
           This event is for those who like snapping photos all the time. So, gear up with your cameras no matter which one,a digicam ,a mobile,only the moment matters.This event is all about such moments happening around in three days of PRAGYAA'14 & everyone is invited to join in & start clicking.


  1. No restriction to type of camera as long as the photos are digital and having resolution over 1MP.
  2. Photographs should be strictly taken during Pragyaa-2014.
  3. No editing of images is allowed. Pics should be straight from camera, mobile, unedited.
  4. 3 photos per participant.
  5. If you are submitting hard copy then, size of photocopy should be greater than 6 inch by 8 inches.
  6. Photos should be (SOFTCOPY or HARDCOPY) submitted on 3rd day of Pragyaa'14 before 11am, if possible straight from the camera.

Main Coordinator:

Rupesh Hake
+91 8888117623

Joint Coordinator:

Manisha Raut
+91 8956264561

Sub Coordinator:

Vishnukant Surewad
+91 9421085619

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