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         The journey to the amazing virtual world of games never ends just as you become a pro from a rookie. So it will be a mind boggling venture when the best in the country come face to face to display their gaming skills and to prove their metal to the gaming world. And yes that's what happens at PRAGYAA Gaming Zone.

         With breathtaking display of e-game skills by gaming lovers from across India Gaming Zone gives you exactly what each and every gaming persona would like to see. Fierce competition, some breathtaking skills and yes a lot of risk finally draw the better from the pool of best.

         So before it says Game Over get ready to dazzle the world with your skills to claim the podium.


  1. The tournament will be knock out. The player who wins their 1st stage match advances to the next stage.
  2. The knock out continues till we get final 4 top scoring players for the semi finals.
  3. There will not be any match played for the third spot.
  4. Each and every car will be allowed in the tournament.
  5. Each team must contain 2 members.
  6. Players must be present in the tournament area at the notifications schedule. Players are advised to be present a few minutes before the schedule to avoid any unpredictable delay. If the player is not present at the notification schedule, he shall be disqualified.
  7. Players will be given 5 minutes to choose their car and tune them before racing Event.

Main Coordinator:

Jayash Acham
+91 82375 76240

Joint Coordinator:

Akshay Gonge
+91 72762 46268

Sub Coordinator:

Aniket Shinde
+91 98500 59399


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