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            Today, India is maintaining a steady growth in our economy and there exists a steady grab of new and passionate talent in the industries. Today’s young and dynamic Engineers are required to build up this strategy.
           This is an opportunity and a big platform for each extra ordinary personality and every smart brain to prove himself/herself as an ENGINEER. This is a chance for the engineers to prove themselves for the society ,environment through their technically inspired ideas. Exhibit your talent of innovations through your projects and models and the one who challenges the encounter of this real world will be the champion.
            Be technically inspired, eco friendly and present your smart ideas, through your project and hard-work.present your skills and grab the prize.

What is the event about?

            The event 'I am An Engineer' is categorized under Exhibitions and is one of the enthusiastic event of pragayaa’14.
            Event 'I AM AN ENGINEER' is giving a big opportunity for students who have the capability of expressing their smart ideas through their practical knowledge. This platform encourages smart brain to present their work in front of great people and learn more about the same.
            Most ecofriendly project will given special prizes.


  1. Each team should consist of maximum 3 and minimum 1 member.
  2. Project should be related to technical field of engineering.
  3. The project should be in live Condition [ at least partial output is must]
  4. Maximum 10 minutes will be allotted to each team to present their project model in front of judges.
  5. If you are doing a software based project then kindly bring your own laptop. computer or laptop will not be provided.
  6. At the time of registration the team must specify project’s name and to which branch project is related .Send your project's abstract in brief to the
  7. Carry valid identity card of your college along with entry fee receipt.Judges decision will be treated as final and binding to all.
  8. Participants are requested to be updated with respect to site
  9. If possible please bring rechargeable battery with you otherwise power supply will be provided.

Main Coordinator:

+91 9404059418

Joint Coordinator:

+91 9403220696

Sub Coordinator:

+91 9405380500

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