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             "Thinking is the hardest work, which is probably the reason so few engage in it."                                                                   -Albert Einstein


Science is omniscient, it creates magic. A see through glass wall from one side and opaque wall from other, a robot that melts or liquid nitrogen show or zero shadow phenomenon sounds exciting right ??

FunScience Expo in Pragyaa 2014,is open for students of all ages and classes, including school kids and college youths who have a passion for exploring the gifts of the Science. We here present you a platform to witness and showcase extraordinary ideas you may have only seen in science fiction movies in an astonishing yet funny way.


Main Coordinator:

Radhika Malani
+91 8657365029

Joint Coordinator:

Gazal Choudhary
+91 9403152376

Sub Coordinator:

Shubham Patil
+91 9970245595