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            Line follower bot is basically a line following competition. A track of black line on white background will be laid out and an autonomous robot has to follow that line. There will be two rounds, Elimination round and Ecotrack round. Elimination round will be a ‘LOOP TEST’. In Ecotrack round bot has to follow the ‘Globe’ like track and has to find the maximum numbers of nodes. Number of nodes identified, time taken to cover these nodes will decide final points earned by robot.


       The teams will have to submit their bot to the organizers before the start of each round. Only those teams which submit their bots will be allowed to participate. The bot will be handed back to the team during the time of their run. They will be given 2 minutes to do any hardware changes and calibration of the bot if they wish. If the teams are found to alter their code after depositing their bots, they will be disqualified.

  1. At the start of the task, the bot will be placed at the starting point. Only 1 member from the team is allowed to be near the arena while starting the bot.
  2. Timer will start when the organizer gives the signal to start.
  3. Rules about Restarts:
    • A maximum of 3 restarts will be given to the team during the match. After 3 restarts penalty will be there.
    • In a restart, the timer will not be set back to zero and will not be paused.
    • During a restart, a contestant does not allow to update the program. However, contestants are allowed to adjust sensors (gain, position etc.) and make repairs. A contestant must not alter a bot in any manner that alters its predefined specifications.
    • In a restart, bot will start from last checkpoints crossed. Participants can choose any previous checkpoints including start of the game. For Ecotrack round only Return zone will be restart point.
  4. Bot must blink the LED for 3 times at each node point. The LED should be strictly of high intensity and visible to naked eye.
  5. The bot should not scratch, damage or destroy the track or accompanying parts of arena. Bots which are found damaging the arena leads to disqualification.
  6. Each contesting bot is allotted 4 minutes run for every round.
  7. Each contesting bot is allotted 4 minutes for Elimination round and 6 minutes for Ecotrack round.


    Round 1: Elimination round

    1. An elimination round will be held prior to the Ecotrack round.
    2. Elimination round will consist only passing the checkpoints and tracing the line. After completing Elimination round bot must stop on platform called Return zone by climbing ramp.
    3. The teams will be ranked according to their points.
    4. Top teams will qualify for the finals. Other than this, the performance in the elimination round is of no significance to the contest.

    Round 2: Ecotrack round

    1. In Ecotrack round bot has to follow the ‘Globe’ like track and has to find the maximum numbers of nodes.
    2. The one who identify the maximum numbers of nodes will be the winner.

    Rules for Ecotrack round:

  • The bot has to start from the starting point and move through any one of the path having a white surface and black lines to reach the ‘Globe’ .
  • After reaching the Globe, bot has to travel the Globe and identify the nodes.
  • LED should have to blink for 3 times as soon as bot detects a node.
  • If bot fails to blink the LED will not count as a node.
  • Negative markings will be there in case of blinking the LED for the same node which was previously identified.
  • After identifying all the nodes bot has to come back to the return zone marked in arena images.
  • The one who identify the maximum numbers of nodes will be the Winner.
  • In case of tie, the points that earned while travelling the elimination zone will be the factor for deciding the winner.


Bot specifications :

  1. The bot should fit in a square of size 250x250 mm. There is no height limit.
  2. The autonomous robot must be stable and must stand on its own at the beginning of the run when put in the starting point. Robots not fulfilling this criterion will be disqualified.
  3. The teams are allowed to use ready- made micro-controller boards/ready-made sensor kits. However they are not allowed to use Lego kits or any similar assemblies.
  4. There should have one LED on the bot for identifying the nodes.

Power supply :

  1. The machine must use an on-board electric power supply.
  2. When using the electric power supply, the voltage of any point on an individual component must be lower than or equal to 15 V DC at any point of time during the game.

Arena specifications :

  1. All dimensions are in mm.
  2. Width of track will be 30 mm.
  3. Dimension of start box is 250 x 250 mm.
  4. The floor of arena shall be made of wood (plywood) and finished with vinyl sheet. Do not assume the floor provides a given amount of friction.
  5. Different arena structure will be there for each round.
  6. Participants shall not assume the track is consistently white or the floor is consistently black. Fading may occur.
  7. Please refer to arena images for detailed view.

Team Specification :

  1. A team may consist of (a maximum of) 4 participants. Students from different educational institutes can form a team.
  2. Participating two teams with the same bot is not allowed.


For elimination round :

  • The checkpoint in zone 1 carries 10 points.
  • The checkpoint in zone 2 carries 20 points.
  • The checkpoint in zone 3 carries 30 points.
  • Bonus points will be there if bot stops on Return zone platform.
  • 10 points will be awarded for completion of each zone.
  • If a bot successfully crosses all the checkpoints within 4 minutes, the remaining time in seconds will be added to the score.

For Ecotrack round :

  • Identification of each node (with LED blink) carries 10 points.
  • For Re-identification of node 10 points will be deducted.
  • After 3th restart 20 points will be deducted for each restart.
  • If a bot successfully detects all the nodes and reach to return zone within 6 minutes, the remaining time in seconds will be added to the score.

Main Coordinator:

Rajesh Haridas Asutkar

Joint Coordinator:

Shubham Baheti

Sub Coordinator:

Faizan Shaikh


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