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      Ever wondered what lies beyond the stars? How did the Universe begin? Why is it here? How did the sky fill with stars? What made the stars? How did the planets get here? Where does water come from? Where did plants and animals come from? And finally where did we come from? How did we get here? Bramhand is a Space exhibition where we explore answers to such questions. It'll unravel the deep mysteries of cosmos from our earth itself to the edge of the universe. Through the Science & Superstition behind 2012 phenomenon to mysterious Dark energy causing Accelerating expansion of this vast universe. From its distant past to Ultimate

      future! We'll take this voyage through the small lecture series by students..

      As every year Brahmand is coming with exiting events related to astronomy & astrophysics. This year's subevents are....

  • Seminars
  • Tarangan
  • Online and Offline quiz competition
  • Astro-ppt

Shortlisted candidates of online quiz will get the wildcard entry in subsequent rounds of offline quiz.

Expert Lecture On

Get Ready for ICE AGE…!!

Shrinivas Aundhkar
Dr. Shrinivas Aundhkar
Director at MGM’s Centre For Astronomy & Space Technology.
Mobile: 09422171256.
Date & Time: 9th March,2014 at 10.00 AM To 12.00 PM in Administrative Building.


1.   Seminars

      Seminars by First Year students This is the main part of Brahmand which includes seminars by FY students on different topics in astronomy and astrophysics. The motto of event is to encourage FY students for study of subjects in Astronomy domain & subsequently delivering& discussing qualitative topics with naive audience.

1) Dark Energy and Dark Matter.
2) The Big Quest: Are We Alone??
3) All About Cosmos.
4) Solar System Inside Out.

2.   Tarangan

      It would be fun visiting a planetarium to explore the universe... Planetarium is the special attraction of Brahmand...

3.   Online and Offline quiz competition

      Online quiz competition would facilitate the students who are not able to ply to Nanded. Offline quiz will be held at the site of PRAGYAA 2014.

4.   Astro-ppt

      This event is a solid platform for the students who have a curiosity regarding the Astronomy and they can deliver their presentation and expose their knowledge.


  1. You may choose any topic of Astronomy OR Astrophysics.
  2. Max. 2 participants can form a team.
  3. Paper must be of IEEE format(For IEEE Format click Here).
  4. Paper should not exceed 16 pages.
  5. Please come with your PPT with 4 hard copies of IEEE formaton time.
  6. Judges and organisers reserve the right to modify the rules without prior intimation.
  7. Participants are requested to check the updates on Pragyaa-14 website.

Quiz Rules

  1. There will be two rounds for Quiz,
        Online round
        Offline Round
  2. Winners of online rounds will directly get entry to third round of offline Quiz.
  3. Offline quiz will be consist of 4 rounds.
  4. Max. 2 members can form a team.
  5. Use of programmable mobiles, calculators, etc. are not allowed.
  6. There will be Negative marking for 4th round.
  7. The judgement of Judges will be final and will not be change under any circumstances.
  8. Participants are requested to check the updates on pragyaa-14 website.

Main Coordinator:

+91 8007478913

Joint Coordinator:

+91 7588329952

Sub Coordinator:

+91 8806844883


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